According to Sara Atherton, she had a pretty normal childhood. Although being raised in a pub in the heart of London's Covent Garden district wouldn't be considered 'normal' by most, but she wasn't beaten, molested or otherwise traumatised. She wasn't neglected or abused. An only child, Sara spent most of her youth working in the pub with her parents, or tagging along with her maternal grandparents to the theatre. Certainly, she experienced an eccentric childhood, but it was a relatively happy one. Despite her parents not always getting along, Sara never felt unloved by them, or the dozens of regular patrons that had become surrogate 'aunties' and 'uncles'. Being without siblings and possessing a powerful imagination, she found herself creating and immersing herself in great fantasy worlds. Through her grandmother's influence, Sara began reading the works of J.M. Barrie, including the stories of Peter Pan. There was something about being consistently subjected to the world of adults that caused her to empathise with Pan and his Lost Boys, even Wendy Darling. Sara herself longed for a world where she could just be a child, without having to cowtow to the whims and rules of adults.

Unfortunately for Sara, she never found her Neverland; instead she settled for losing herself in books, music and her drawing. She had dreams of becoming a great illustrator, or a 'true' artist, or even the creator of the next great graphic novel series. She did well enough in school, though her marks weren't the best. At the age of sixteen, after passing her A-Levels, a friend clued her in on a job opportunity. Foregoing university for a year or two, Sara applied for a position as a nanny. Her parents were supportive, perhaps a bit distracted by their own troubles, and watched as their only child left for America. Spending several years in Los Angeles, she managed to make more than a few friends -- most of whom were also residents of her West Holywood neighbourhood. From drag queens to the homeless, Sara befriended them all. After falling in love with a complicated young man, as one does, she had her heart broken for the first time, just before her thirtieth birthday. Seeing so much change in her life, in such a short period of time, was more than a little overwhelming. She even saw her parents divorce, reconcile, remarry, and create her little brother. Despite the silver linings, California had lost its lustre, and it was time to move on.

Taking the initiative, she moved to New York without her ex -- though they had sworn to do it together. Deciding that she needed to focus on her dreams, Sara continued with her drawing, eventually becoming part of the Children's Book Illustrators Group (CBIG) and the Society of Illustrators. Finding big city life a little too stressful (and expensive), Sara moved out of New York City, and settled into the Hudson River Valley. "House sitting" long-term for her former employers, she now resides in Irvington, though she slings coffee in some of the neighbouring villages.
full name: sara quinn atherton.
nickname(s): sara, q, quinny, sara q.
birthdate & age: 27 may 1981 (35).
hometown: london, uk.
resides: irvington, ny.
occupation: illustrator, nanny, coffee bitch.
sexuality: one love.
marital status: crickets.
family: robert & matilda atherton (parents); robert james atherton (brother, b. 17 feb 2013).
astrological sign: gemini ♊
favorite color: red and orange
lucky number: 3

likes: doctor who, nail art, rainy days, footie, Peter Pan, drag queens, wigs, halloween, chinese food, doodling, poetry, travel
dislikes: liars, russell brand, the smell of burnt hair, crying babies, rude people, vomit, liver, shaving/waxing
• was born/raised in London, England.
• was a nanny for over a decade until 2008.
• deep down wants to be a drag queen.
• has one sibling who is 31 years her junior.
• loves Peter Pan and JM Barrie.
• recently cut her hair short.
• has two tattoos.
• secretly wants to be Shel Silverstein.
• doesn't like to drive; rides a bicycle.
played by: ruth negga.
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