survey + biography

who does your family consist of? how many siblings do you have?
my family consists of myself, my friends, and my siblings. I have a younger brother and sister.

what kind of pets do you have?
I have a strawberry pit bull rescue named Antigone (meet Tiggy).

which hawthorn neighborhood do you live in?
I live in Wentworth Village with one roommate, currently.

do you live alone?
nope, I have a roommate named Charlotte and then there's Antigone.

what is your idea of perfect happiness?
a beautiful summer day, a barbecue, a hammock, beer, laughter.

what is your relationship like with your parents? if you don't have one, explain.
jesus, nosy much? I have no relationship with my parents. I came from a stereotypical abusive home. that should tell you all you need to know.

what does your ideal weekend or day off look like?
much like my idea of perfect happiness.

what do you regret most about your time in high school?
that I ever thought it was important.

what word or words do you overuse the most?
fuck, seriously, rad

what fictional character do you most relate to and why?
don quioxe, because I, too, battle windmills.
how would you like to die?
in my sleep.

Born the first of three children, Kathleen tried her very best to be a good daughter. However, there were just some things that were beyond her control. Being a child of a combat veteran turned police leiutenant isn't an easy thing, a lesson that all the Cavanaugh children would learn the hard way. By Kath's eleventh birthday, she knew how to navigate her father's moods, to tip-toe around his temper, anticipating when the next outburst would come

As she entered high school, her father's erratic behavior and unpredictable violence became more and more frequent. After a suspension from the Spokane Police Department, Kath begged her mother to take her and her siblings to their grandparents' house, afraid of what he might do otherwise. Ignoring her request, Mrs. Cavanaugh reassured her eldest child that everything would smooth over in a day or two.

Three weeks before she was set to graduate from high school, Kathleen's father accused her mother (again) of having an affair with a neighbor, as well as several other men they knew. After denying it vehemently, a physical altercation ensued, resulting in Kath literally getting into the middle of it. Shielding her mother, she promised herself that this was the last time. Even as she iced her own black eye, her mother refused to press charges. Two days after her high school commencement, Kathleen said goodbye to her parents for the last time, gathering her belongings and leaving home.

Attending Eastern Washington University on academic scholarship proved to be more difficult than she initially anticipated. Suffering from clinical depression and anxiety, Kath had trouble concentrating in class and keeping up with the coursework. Eventually she lost her scholarship, but by then she had her eyes set on the coast. After a summer working three jobs, Kathleen scraped up enough money to get her over the pass and on her way to a new life. Settling in Seattle and leaving behind the Lilac City for once and for all, Kathleen seemed to flourish and thrive. With a genuine passion for the written word, she carved a niche for herself in the local poetry scene, as well as found a retail job at Barnes & Noble. Before long, Kath had made friends and an actual life for herself. In 2008, she founded True North Press, Inc - a small publishing company run from her kitchen. Two years later found her moving to the small town of Hawthorn with friends in order to focus more on their collective poetry than trying to make ends meet.

Today, Kath enjoys the trips to Portland, Helena and other neighboring cities to visit and write with poet friends. Settling into the landscape of Hawthorn, she has found a place that feels like home and, while she might tire of loaning copies of Fifty Shades of Grey to housewives at the local library (where she works as a part-time librarian - aka 'bookslave'), the town has enchanted her completely. While she maintains a tenuous relationship with her siblings, she has no plans to ever return to Spokane or her past.

et cetera
astrological sign: gemini ♊
chinese zodiac: dog
favorite color: green/blue/grey
lucky number: three (3)

smokes: occasionally
drinks: frequently
drugs: occasionally

likes: rainy days, hugs, her siblings, playing with her dog, sex, coffee, anything that contains coffee, tastes like coffee, smells like coffee, ice cream, chocolate, dancing, smoking, kissing, stargazing, fucking around with words, music, road trips, laughing, men with facial hair, car karaoke, a good bottle of wine, men with strong hands, laying in the grass, women with full lips, yoga, picnics, the Seattle Sounders, sunny days, sex, poetry, her job(s).

dislikes: discussing her parents, bigots, neurotic closet cases, getting up early, wool, asparagus pee, sitting in traffic, miley cyrus, cleaning gutters/toilet/drains, going to the doctor, seminars, antidepressants, artificial lemon and strawberry, sincere pick up lines, bad coffee, rare steak, flat beer, cheap liquor, the LA Galaxy, whatever the fuck zumba is.

miscellaneous: has an anonymous pen pal with whom she exchanges (often? sometimes?) erotic letters a couple times a month over the last nine and a half years, enjoys having sex with both men and women (not at the same time exclusively), prefers her men older than herself and women younger, has plenty of daddy issues and isn't afraid to admit it, can be submissive or dominant depending on those around her, has a reasonably foul mouth and little filter, she writes poetry as most people doodle, can speak in nothing but lines from poetry or film quotes
basic information
birth name: kathleen anise cavanaugh.
nickname(s): kath, kat, kate, kitty.
birth date & age: 18 june 1982; 33
hometown: spokane, wa.
currently resides: hawthorn, wa.
occupation: bookslave, poet, founder of true north press.
sexual oriention free for all (kinsey 3).
marital status make an offer.
parents/family: lt. patrick "rick" cavanaugh + lillian (derringer) cavanaugh; patrick "aidan" cavanaugh, jr, kelsey (cavanaugh) martin.
out of character
played by: keira knightley
journal & contact: kac & ooc.
scenes & writing: PST. threads/customs, email, gdocs preferred. past tense, 3rd person storybook.
etc: adult scene or fade to black friendly. ooc discussion as it pertains to the line or plot.
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